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April 9


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On this last Sunday morning, I was greeted with a Daily Deviation! These recognitions are quickly becoming wake-up calls, and what it's calling me to feel and do is  (well, first of all:
THANK about 300+ Deviants for the FAVE, a daunting task if there ever was one) try to
continue to bring to attention the work of OTHERS whom I feel should have been recognized
instead of me. So this journal will deal with two artists whom I admire greatly for a number of
reasons. Before I embark on this tribute, I would like to say that I have begun the process of
thanking those who Faved me on, actually writing to them. But, sadly, I'm not
sure if I can finish this task, and I wanted to let you know, that, I'm finding it harder and harder to sit at a computer that long...without neglecting other duties. SO, THANK YOU for
all your attentions and faves. You are deeply appreciated. I'll try my best to reach you...somehow.
The first person who I really appreciate is Katie. She has been a faithful friend to me on
dA since my first days, sometime early in 2010. Katie is a wonderful artist who loves
photography, cats, flowers and lately, I have discovered that she is an excellent Quilter who
would make a Quaker flush with excitement. For all I know, maybe Katie IS a Quaker. One of her latest efforts is a Color Chart Wheel, which totally blew me away. I went to a least two community workers ~ including the one in charge of Crafts, Artesania, ect, trying to convince them that TRULY This Deserves a DD!!! I have had no luck in this endeavor. But I will add
her piece, following this article. Maybe some (or ONE) of you are much better suggesters
than I am.
Lastly, I am going to point you in the direction of the work of Jason, who is probably already
quite well known to many of you. His piece 'Catching BeesCatching Bees by seyk
' is an illustration for a book
Jason is working on, with an appropriate writer.  I downloaded the piece and printed it out
on 8.5x11" Epson Matte Paper, and I set it on my piano's music stand, so that it would always
be near. It is a Masterwork, in every sense of the word. This fellow is divinely inspired, and
just who his muses are, he isn't quite sure, or isn't saying. The detail is incredible. The composition breaks more rules than Andrew Wyeth. You be the judge, when you see it.
In conclusion, THANKS for the DD...and all the FAVES. I'll try to thank each and every one of you....some day. Carry on...and Tally Ho! RCGRainbow Star Explosion by kbhollo

  • Listening to: Bill Evans
  • Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Watching: Lo que la Vida Me Robó (Mexican Soap)
  • Playing: Chess & JS Bach
  • Eating: Flavored Triscuit Cracker and Cheese
  • Drinking: Coffee
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footinadream Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Glad to see a fellow admirer of Jason!! He is probably one of the most fantastic, sincere and inspirational artists i have found on this site or anywhere. He stacks up with the best for sure. I sometimes stalk his page to see if he is getting the recognition he deserves, DA is not the be all end all venue, but it's nice to see people like you making it work anyways :) though I've been on this site for many years I still don't really know what the audience is here, and am sometimes baffled at what becomes popular and what doesn't. it's some sort of weird system? I don't know. but thanks to people like you, others might be able to discover the inspiration in Jason's works as well. also, fantastic gallery, you seem to be very sincere yourself :)
richardcgreen Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YEah...totally agree with you. Jason rather chuckled when I wanted to
show off one of his signature pieces ~ thinking WOW, he needs some recognition,
especially a piece like 'The Bee Catchers' which really belongs in DD land. Well,
we both chuckled as he got a DD shortly after all this went down. Katie, well,
she's a totally different story. I sent her circular rainbow quilt piece to Brooke,
the Crafts "Community Volunteer" ... and got absolutely not even a write back!!!
     The system here does not work particularly well... and tends to limp along.
I wouldn't DD most of those pieces ~ EVEN MOST OF MINE!!! ~ but that's my
subjective sense. But I have worked as an art director/graphic designer for
35 years+ with plenty of awards from several societies for water color. And nobody
has ever asked my opinion about this or that piece, and ... maybe I should be
glad for that. I still enjoy dA, and especially the friends I've made here. I don't do
FaceBook. I don't have to!!! ha ha... Thanks for your great commentary...

Kind Regards: Richard G
ArtByCher Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
You deserve it!! Congratulations :clap:
richardcgreen Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
THANKS Cher, much appreciated!!!
dick g
TriciaS Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Those are beautiful pieces of work!!...So different ....but both stunning!!

Hope you have managed the replies!!!:D
richardcgreen Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I have been thanking a few a day for the DD. Don't really know
if I shall finish. Yes, they are quite different, the pieces. Katie made herself
known to me, several years ago, when she BOUGHT me a Premium Membership, then
followed with another, anonymously. Well, of course I found out who 'dun it'
immediately...and we have been friends ever since. She has depressive issues
and trouble balancing meds, and oftentimes must drop out for a while. I really
felt and DD would brighten her day ~ and for THAT quilt, richly deserved. But
to no avail; it simply doesn't seem to impress certain 'Community Workers.'
The other fellow is German...and simply raw talent and imagination.

Thanks for writing Trish...our Spring is in full Swing here... although next
week: Highs in the 40šs F. YIKES!
Well-deserved HUGS to you...dick g
TriciaS Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
I've tried to get people DD's but to no avail!!!!....
How quickly your temps rise...It's lika a rollercoaster:D...
.It''s fairly cold here today and not much different tomorrow.It's going a little warmer next Monday for a few days.The birds go from nesting to lighting a fire to get warm by:lol:...Meanwhile the people with the flooded areas are trying to get something done about future floods n the flatlands around rivers...Houses should not have been built there anyway.Also the coastal areas all around  the country are doing  larger defences  for the future higher tides....I'm so glad to live where I do....:nod:
richardcgreen Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, our normal high, for this date, is about 56. So 40, is fine.
Pretty much all year it's been well below average. We are right in the middle of the North American Continent, so we will get greater extremes, of temp variation. Living by an ocean, much less variance, like Seattle.
People prefer LESS variance, so demand to live in Seattle is high.
It's expensive!
TriciaS Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Of course our most expensive place to buy property is London!!...The best thing is to get a job in London...Earn the money you can get working there a flat.then sell up and move to  somewhere beautiful...and cheaper!!!Alot of people move up where I live..and buy farmhouses with land around and become small holders and grow their own food and rear there own animals.If you become self sufficient there is hope!!!:iconsheepplz:..........Mind you...That wouldn't do for you as you would move to Cornwall on the coast!!
richardcgreen Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes to Cornwall. The sea is quite beautiful there, just from watching Doc, etc etc.
Seattle and San Francisco are both very expensive. Google is shuttle-busing employees
from San Francisco and high-rise apts that are costing $6000+/month. Many
people in the US don't even make that in a year! I'd take Seattle..expensive, but with
much to see and do, and surrounded by so much beauty.

No...I'd visit London once...but would not like to live there...
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